Young Baloo, his sisters Rapunzel and Dot Warner, and his brothers Tod and Copper have their Halloween costumes. And they would wear them at the Halloween party.

  • Young Baloo - Hula dancer costume contisting of a green lei, a purple grass skirt, and a bright yellow headband.
  • Rapunzel - Fairy costume contisting of a bright blue fairy outfit and bright blue slippers.
  • Dot Warner - Amy costume contisting of a bright pink one piece jumpsuit with a hood and ears, a green t shirt, a bright orange skirt, light gray gloves, and light gray socks.
  • Tod - Teenage rockstar costume contisting of a bright blue jacket, a light gray t shirt, and bright green pants.
  • Copper - Peter Pan costume contisting of a lavender t shirt, a lavender pointy hat, and bright red shoes.
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