Lewis Robinson: can I at least go back and find my mom? Wilbur promised.

Franny Robinson: You promised what?

Wilbur Robinson: I was never gonna do it. I swear!

Lewis Robinson: You lied to me?

Wilbur Robinson: No! Yes. Lewis! Lewis, wait!

Lewis Robinson: I can't believe I was dumb enough to actually believe you were my friend!

Wilbur Robinson: I am your friend!

Franny Robinson: Mister, you're grounded till you die.

(Toothless comforts Lewis Robinson on the back)

Lewis Robinson: (sobs) Wilbur I'm Not in a Good mood now... Oh It's only a friendly dragon comforting me.

Toothless: (Hey Kid What's the Matter?)

Lewis Robinson: You Wanna Know What's the Matter with Me? This is All Wilbur's Fault for Lying to Me!

Toothless: (Kid Calm Down.)

Lewis Robinson: What's your Name Friendly Dragon?

(Toothless Writes his Name on the Ground with a Stick)

Lewis Robinson: Toothless... is that your Name?

(Toothless Noods)

Lewis Robinson: My Name is Lewis.

Wilbur Robinson: Lewis!

Lewis Robinson: Toothless do me a Favor Get Wilbur Out of Here.

Wilbur Robinson: Lewis!

(Toothless Growls at Wilbur Robinson)

Wilbur Robinson: Lewis, How did you Find that Dragon?

Lewis Robinson: His Name is Toothless and he's telling you to leave me alone.

(Toothless Roaring at Wilbur Robinson)

Wilbur Robinson: Okay I'm Getting Out of Here!

Toothless: (You Wanna Go for a Right?)

Lewis Robinson: A Ride? I'll be happy too.

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