The Liddells contists of Sinbad, his wife Cinderella, their sons Pinocchio and Ranjan, their sons in law Timmy Turner and Elroy Jetson, their pet rabbit Thumper, and their daughters Alice and Shanti.

  • Sinbad
  • Cinderella (wife).
  • Timmy Turner (son in law, age 10).
  • Elroy Jetson (son in law, age 6).
  • Pinocchio (son, age 8).
  • Ranjan (son, age 6).
  • Thumper (pet rabbit)
  • Alice (daughter, age 13).
  • Shanti (daughter, age 12).

The Test parents' occupationEdit

  • Sinbad (stay-at-home dad).
  • Cinderella (librian).

Grades the Liddell children are inEdit

  • Timmy Turner (6th grade).
  • Elroy Jetson (kindergarten).
  • Pinocchio (kindergarten).
  • Alice (7th grade).
  • Shanti (6th grade).
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