The Hodnicks consist of Proteus, his wife Giselle, their sons Boo Boo Bear, Gumball Watterson, and Darwin Watterson, their daughters Amy Rose and Anne Marie, and their pet toon rabbit Roger Rabbit.

  • Proteus.
  • Giselle (wife).
  • Boo Boo Bear (son, age 6).
  • Gumball (son, age 12).
  • Darwin (son, age 10).
  • Amy (daughter, age 12).
  • Anne Marie (daughter, age 6).
  • Roger Rabbit (pet toon rabbit).

The Hodnick parents' occupationsEdit

  • Proteus (stay-at-home dad).
  • Giselle (teacher).

Grades the Hodnick children are inEdit

  • Boo Boo Bear (kindergarten).
  • Gumball (6th grade).
  • Darwin (4th grade).
  • Amy (6th grade).
  • Anne Marie (kindergarten).
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