The Darlings contists of Prince Adam, his wife Anastasia, their sons Piglet and Skippy Rabbit, their son in law Peter Pan, and their daughter Wendy Darling.

  • Prince Adam.
  • Anastasia (wife).
  • Skippy Rabbit (son, age 10).
  • Piglet (son, age 7).
  • Peter Pan (son in law, age 14).
  • Wendy Darling (daughter, age 12).

The Darling parents' occupationEdit

  • Prince Adam (butler).
  • Anastasia (librarian).

Grades the Darling children are inEdit

  • Skippy Rabbit (4th grade).
  • Piglet (1st grade).
  • Peter Pan (11th grade).
  • Wendy Darling (6th grade).
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