Susan Test


Susan Test is a young heroine who appears in "Johnny Test". She is voiced by Marydike Hendrikse.

She was is daughter of Hugh Test, Lila Test, Kanga, and Horace N Buggy, and her three brothers are Lumpy and Roo, and her secret name is Tiger Lily.

Her three aunts are Marie, Angel, and Young Nala.


Susan has straight red hair and navy blue eyes. She was seen wearing a white lab coat, a light blue shirt, a black skirt, glasses, a yellow star shaped barrette, white knee-high socks, and black Mary Jane shoes.


When Susan goes swimming, she wears a turquoise one-piece swimsuit.

Her alternate swimwear contists of a light blue two-piece swimsuit.

Her other alternate swimwear is a green and turquoise two-piece swimsuit.

At bedtime, Susan wears light blue pajamas with dark blue stars and pinkish red slippers.

Her alternate sleepwear is a pair of light blue pajamas with yellow stars in it and bright green slippers.

She also has her other alternate sleepwear which contists of a white undershirt with a bright yellow moon in it and teal blue shorts.

As a princess, she wears a royal orangish yellow ball gown with matching shoes, silk gloves, and bloomers, along with a gold tiara and necklace.

When Susan goes to the luau, she wears a light blue bandeau top, a green grass skirt, and a bright yellow lei.


  • Susan's favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry.
  • Her full name is "Susan Samantha Elizabeth Test".
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