Terrence and Ludmilla Control Gumball to Kill FIA Agent and the Guards And would not attempt Dot Warner and her friend, Mary Test, would attempt to let anything happen to Gumball Watterson. If they do, then they would get in trouble by Spyro and Cynder.

In the living room, Spyro and Cynder glared at Dot Warner and her friend, Mary Test! They are very angry at them because they got Terrence and Ludmilla Control Gumball!

"How could you get my adopted son Control by Terrence Foaster and Ludmilla?" Spyro demanded.

"Spyro and Cynder, we doing it to keep your adopted son's freedom!" Dot tried to explain.

"Yeah. Honest it would." Mary said.

"You were not supposed to do that, Dot and Mary!" Cynder shouted. "Look what they've done to Gumball, Terrence and Ludmilla the Dragon Controlling Gumball to do Bad Things could get Gumball left Behind."

"We are in trouble!" Mary said. "Are we?"

"Yes, you are!" Spyro said, "You heard me! You were not supposed to get Terrence Foaster and Ludmilla to control my adopted son to do Bad Things! And because of it, you are gonna be punished! Go to your rooms! You are not going to the video store with your friends!"

"But Spyro we are doing it to keep his freedom like we said." Dot Said

"I agreed" Mary Test Said

"JUST GET GOING!" Spyro and Cynder roared

Dot and Mary are very upset. Dot said "That was not fair!!" She and Mary then went to their bedrooms crying and sobbing, where Mary's siblings, Johnny Test, and Dot's siblings, Young Baloo, are waiting for them.

"Now Gumball i'm sorry how it happen, you want a cuddle with me as your new mother?" Cynder Asked

"Yes" Gumball Said

Then Gumball and Cynder lay on the dragon bed and cuddle as mother and son.

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