After Nicole,Richard,Darwin & Anais Sent Gumball Away for his responsible of FIA Agent and the Guards' Death When. Spyro, Cynder & Toothless Battles Ludmilla & Terrence Spyro & Cynder Fell bad how Gumball was an orphan. "You Must be Gumball Watterson are you Okay?" Cynder Asked "Yes and You Must be Spyro & Cynder" Gumball Said "Well Gumball do you have parents?" Spyro Asked. "No" Gumball Said "Why are they passed away?" Toothless Asked "They Got be left Behind" Said Gumball "That's to Bad you can call us mother and father" Cynder Said "Why should i call you mother and father?" Gumball Asked "Because we are going to adopt you and we haven't had sons or daughters Spyro Said" Gumball Hugs Spyro & Cynder then Draco and Saphra, cynder parents would be Gumball's Grandparents Ignitus & Dortha the Dragon, Spyro's parents will be Gumball's Grandparents and Toothless will be Gumball's Neighbor.

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