One day Sonic was on his way home before the funset when he saw Sally Acorn waiting for him at her house. She was angry with him. "Sonic!" she said angrily. "You tell lies on me!" Sonic argued "I did not tell lies on you!" Sally angrily scolded, "You had been telling lies!" Now Sonic had enough of Sally's anger. He angrily thundered with an angry loud voice and yelled "SHUT UP, SALLY!!!! I AM TIRED OF YOU YELLING AT ME!!!!! I DID NOT TELL LIES ON YOU!!!!!! YOU ARE TELLING LIES ON ME!!!!!!!" Sally got scared when she saw that Sonic was angry with her back! "You're yelling at me back with your angry voice???" Sally said. "YES I AM!!!!" roared Sonic. "I ALSO AM TIRED OF YOU YELLING AT ME!!!! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!" Sally gasped in horror. "I'M SICK OF YOU BEING ANGRY WITH ME!!! AND I'M SICK OF YOU BEING IN LOVE WITH MORTIMER INSTED OF ME!!!!!! AND I AM GONNA HIT YOU!!!!!" Sally was terrified. "Please, Sonic! No!" Sally cried desperately. "SHUT UP, SALLY!!!!" Sonic added furiously. Then he punched Sally in her chest with his fist, smacked her face with his hand, and stomped on her feet. He angrily punched her so hard, and Sonic angrily screamed out, "I DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO YOU EVER AGAIN, SALLY!!!! IF YOU EVER YELL AT ME AGAIN, I WILL YELL AT YOU BACK!!!!!! AND IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT, SO SHUT UP!!!!!!" Sally gasped. "AND," shouted Sonic, "I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU BEING ANGRY WITH ME!!!!" And then Sonic yelled at Sally in her face even louder and roared "I AM GONNA KILL YOU IF YOU FIND ME AGAIN!!! NOW SHUT UP!!!" Sonic then stomped off to Sally's home. Sally said "Oh no! Sonic destroyed my feelings!" She started to cry. She sat on the bench and cried.

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