Johnny Test and his adoptive brothers, Roo and Lumpy, are very sleepy. Mary Test told them that they should go to bed. Roo, Lumpy, and Johnny then went to Johnny's room and put on their pajamas. Johnny's pajamas are cyan blue and also put on his purple slippers, Hugh Test and Lila Test, Johnny's parents, came and tucked Johnny into bed. They also tucked Roo into his sleeping bag, as well as they tucked Lumpy into his other sleeping bag. Hugh and Lila read Roo, Lumpy, and Johnny a bedtime story. They then said goodnight to them. Johnny said "Goodnight Dad and Mom." Roo, Lumpy, and Johnny fell asleep and went to bed. Hugh and Lila helped Mary put on her pajamas. They also tucked Mary into bed as well. Hugh then said "Goodnight Mary." Mary said "Goodnight Daddy and Mommy." Mary then also fell asleep and went to bed.

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