In the Test household, Hugh, Lila, Johnny, and Mary Test are getting ready to leave for the hospital to check on Susan Test. Hugh told Roo and Lumpy "Okay boys. Rapunzel will be coming over to babysit you until we get back."

"Do you understand?" Lila asked. "Yes, Dad." Roo said.

"We will, Dad." Lumpy said.

"Okay boys. See you when we get back." Hugh said. And with that, Hugh, Lila, Mary, and Johnny went to the hospital and they took their pet dog, Dukey, with them. Rapunzel came over and said "Hello there boys. I am Rapunzel. And i am here to babysit you."

"Really, Rapunzel?" Roo asked.

"Yeah, really?" Lumpy asked.

"Of course, boys. Would you like to watch Batman Classic?" Rapunzel asked.

"Yes, Rapunzel!" Roo said. "I like that show!" Lumpy said.

And with that, Rapunzel turned on the television. Roo and Lumpy watched Batman Classic and Rapunzel sat down on the table and wrote a story about sleepovers and camping trips.

Ten hours later, Hugh, Lila, Dukey, Mary, and Johnny got back home and they took Susan home.

"Boys, i am so proud of you behaving with Rapunzel." Hugh said.

"Thank you, Dad." Roo said.

"And as for your reward, you can have some nachos." Hugh said.

"Oh boy!" Lumpy said.

Lumpy, Roo, and Susan ate their nachos. They also shared with Dukey, Mary, and Johnny. They ate and ate and they had a great time.

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