Rapunzel was a girl with golden yellow hair.

She was the daughter of King Malcom, Queen Aurelia, Queen Arianna, and King Fredric. Her two brothers are Tod and Copper, her siblings are Dot Warner and Young Baloo, her aunts are Mrs. Brisby, Olivia Flaversham, Tanya Mousekewitz, Aurora, and Mulan, her uncles are Eric, Prince Adam, and Hokey Wolf, and her secret name was Cupcake.


Rapunzel had golden yellow hair and forest green eyes. She was seen wearing a purple dress with frilly bright pink sleeves and a lavender bodice.


When Rapunzel goes swimming, she wears a lavender one-piece swimsuit with bright pink lining.

At bedtime, Rapunzel wears a lavender nightshirt and matching pants.

When Rapunzel goes to the luau, she wears a purple bandeau top, a bright pink grass skirt, and a pinkish red lei.

Her Halloween costume was a fairy costume.

As a princess, she wears a royal grayish purple ball gown with matching shoes, silk gloves, and bloomers, along with a gold tiara and necklace.


  • Rapunzel's favorite flavor of ice cream was blue moon.
  • Rapunzel's full name was "Rapunzel Abigail Lucille Comeau".
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