One day, Queen Aurelia got home and saw her daughter, Dot Warner, playing her piano. Queen Aurelia aksed Dot "Hey Dot. What are you going?" Dot stopped playing her piano and said "I am practicing on my piano. Do you wanna join, Mommy?" Queen Aurelia said "Sure, Dot." And with that, Queen Aurelia got out her maracas. Queen Aurelia and Dot went downstaris to play a song for her father, King Malcom, her pet firefly, Raymond, her brothers, Copper, Tod, and Young Baloo, and her sister, Rapunzel. Queen Aurelia played her maracas and Dot played her piano. Queen Aurelia and Dot played "Love Was An Open Door". King Malcom, Raymond, Copper, Tod, Young Baloo, and Rapunzel are thrilled to see them play. Queen Aurelia and Dot sounded awesome. They played really good. They rocked. King Malcom, Raymond, Copper, Tod, Young Baloo, and Rapunzel are happy. Dot said "We played really well, Mommy." Queen Aurelia said "We sure did, Dot."

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