Naveen was in the kitchen, having some coffee and reading the newspaper when he heard someone crying and sobbing in the room.

"I DID NOT DO IT!!" somebody yelled.

Naveen's wife, Ariel, looked at him. "I am going, I am going." he said, as he put down his coffee and the newspaper down and went into the next room. There, he saw his daughter, Olivia Flaversham, with a toy fox behind her back. Her brother Yakko Warner was standing behind her, and her other brother Wakko Warner was sitting on the floor, crying and sobbing because Olivia hit him on the head with her toy.

"Olivia?" asked Naveen, "Olivia, did you just hit Wakko on the head with your toy fox?"

"No!" Olivia replied rudely.

"Are you lying to me?"


Naveen turned to his son. "Yakko?"

"She did it." Yakko said.

"No one likes to tattle on other people." said Naveen, as Yakko walked upstairs to his bedroom.

Naveen picked up Wakko and rubbed him to stop him from crying and sobbing. Then he turned to Olivia as he placed Wakko in his playpen, saying, "All right, Olivia! Go upstairs!"

"NO!!" Olivia shouted.

Now Naveen was getting angry. "Olivia Emily Grace Taylor Flaversham, I am not gonna say it again! One...Two...Three!" Naveen shouted.

At that moment, Naveen angrily picked up Olivia and placed her on the couch for five minutes. "All right, that was it!" he said.

"What?" Olivia asked. "That's right, that was it! You are in a time-out! And you will be punished! And you are not going to the museum with Fievel tomorrow!" Naveen said.

Olivia became very angry. She glared angrily at Naveen and yelled, "YOU ARE AS EVIL AS RATIGAN!!!!"

Olivia then began to cry and sob, and she went upstairs to her bedroom, where her boyfriend, Fievel Mousekewitz, and her best friends, Timothy Mouse, Jim Crow, Big Daddy Lou, Tyrone, Zachariah, and Lil Urle, are waiting for her.

"You did the right thing, Naveen. Thank you." Ariel smiled, "What did you do?"

"I gave her a time-out on the chair for five minutes for hitting Wakko." Naveen said.

Ariel nodded. "Good."

"And I told her she could not go to the museum with Fievel tomorrow."

Ariel got disappointed. "No, no, Naveen, you could not do that." she said.

Naveen had a better idea. "We'll send Mickey." he said.

"He was Olivia's brother." Ariel said.

"Come on, Ariel." said Naveen.

"No, Naveen." Ariel implored him. "You have to unground Melody."

Naveen sadly sighed, then gave in. "Ariel," he said. "Do not ask me to do something, then tell me the way I did it was wrong."

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