One day, Minnie Mouse and her friends Alice Liddell, Wendy Darling, Olivia Flaversham, Lilo Pelekai, Kairi, Amy Rose, Kilala Reno, Susan Test, Namine, Viper, Rapunzel and Anna went to the playground to have some fun with their best friends Timothy Q. Mouse, Jim Crow, his brothers, Twilight Sparkle, and her friends.

They met Timothy, the crows, and the ponies on their way to the playground. Minnie, Alice, and Wendy slid down the slide one by one. Kilala and Susan rode on the merry-go-round while Rapunzel pushed them around in circles. Olivia and Lilo swung on the swings while Viper hung on around her neck. Namine and Anna climbed on the jungle gym while Amy and Kairi swung on the monkey bars.

Just then, the ice cream man arrived. Minnie had vanilla ice cream. Alice had chocolate chip cookie dough. Wendy had mint chocolate chip. Olivia had peach. Lilo had blue moon. Kairi had grape. Amy had cookies and cream. Kilala had mocha almond fudge. Susan had strawberry. Namine had strawberry on top of vanilla. Viper had rainbow swirls. Rapunzel had chocolate, and Anna had chocolate and fudge. Timothy, Jim Crow, his brothers, Twilight Sparkle, and her friends shared with their friends. They had a great time. It was the best day they ever had.

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