Mary Test thought that it was time to go home. Tracy Blade said "Thank you Mary for watching me play the drums. I do rock." Mary said "Thank you Tracy. You sure do play the drums." Joseph Crow then replied "And Mary. I think it was time for you go home. We will see you again tomorrow." And then, Mary's parents, Hugh Test and Lila Test, came and picked up Mary and got into their car and took her home. Hugh and Lila took Mary to her bedroom and Mary put on her pajamas. Hugh and Lila then tucked Mary into bed. Hugh told Mary "Now Mary. Get a good night's sleep. Because we have to go to the movies tomorrow." Mary told Hugh and Lila "Hey Daddy and Mommy." Hugh said "Yes Mary." Mary asked "Could you sing me a lullaby?" Lila said "Sure Mary. What was it?" Mary said "How about Natushiboshi" Hugh said  "Natushiboshi it was Mary. It was a lullaby from Naruto. Do you wanna hear it?" Hugh asked. "Okay Daddy." Mary said. "Okay Mary. Here it goes." Hugh said. And then he and Lila started to sing. "Natushiboshi naze akai. Yuube kanashii yume wo mita. Naite hanashita. Akai me yo. Natsuhiboshi naze mayou. Kieta warashi wo sagashiteru. Dakara kanashii yume wo miru." After Hugh and Lila finished singing a lullaby. Hugh said "Goodnight Mary." Mary said "Goodnight Daddy and Mommy." Mary then fell fast asleep and went to bed.

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