Mary Test and her friends have their swimwear. And they would wear them when they go swimming.

  • Mary Test - Bright pink two piece bikini with light gray lining/bright pink and bright orange two piece swimsuit.
  • Daisy Duck - Purple two piece swimsuit.
  • Jenny Foxworth - Bright blue one piece swimsuit with a greenish blue star in it.
  • Shanti - Purple one piece swimsuit.
  • Penny - Bright green two piece swimsuit.
  • Dot Warner - Bright pink one piece swimsuit and a frilly light pink skirt.
  • Melody - Bright lavender two piece swimsuit.
  • Isabella Garcia Shapiro - Bright purple one piece swimsuit.
  • Anne Marie - Light gray two piece swimsuit.
  • Gosalyn - Bright purple two piece swimsuit with light blue polka dots.
  • Robyn Starling - Bright red two piece swimsuit.
  • Babs Bunny - Bright red one piece swimsuit.
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