Mary Test was on stage one day with Jen, Sarah, Jodie, Tracy Blade, and Allison and she had something to tell the crowd. Mary told the crowd, "Anakin Skywalker did not have a father. He never did. Do you know why? He was a midichlorian." She then said "Do you agree with me?" The crowd said "Yeah!" Mary said "YEAH!! I'm a rock star!" Mary started to play her black and red electric guitar, Jen played her bright pink electric guitar, Sarah played her dark pink piano, Jodie played her magenta bass guitar, Tracy played her bright orange and scarlet red rhythm guitar, and Allison played her pinkish red drum set. The punks are disgusted. Mary played her black and red electric guitar and sang. They sounded awesome. They played really good. They rocked. The punks got a bad case of pooping. The crowd clapped and cheered.

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