The Gibson Family

  1. Danny Cat (husband)
  2. Minnie Mouse (wife)
  3. Marie (daughter)
  4. Mowgli (brother)
  5. Pudge (brother)
  6. Nala (sister-in-law)
  7. Prince Louie, Young Baloo, Young Bagheera, Young Shere Khan, Young Hathi, and Young Kaa (brothers-in-law)
  8. Tiana (mother)
  9. Naveen (father; after the death of Aladdin)

The Liddell Family

  1. Gideon (husband)
  2. Alice (wife)
  3. Rose (daughter)
  4. Cody (brother)
  5. Edmond (brother)
  6. Marie (sister-in-law)
  7. Honest John, Wilbur, Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, Winnie the Pooh, and Piglet (brothers-in-law)
  8. Cinderella (mother)
  9. Prince Charming (father; after the death of Sinbad)

The Darling Family

  1. Peter Pan (husband)
  2. Wendy (wife)
  3. Luna (daughter)
  4. Skippy (brother)
  5. Piglet (brother)
  6. Tinker Bell (sister-in-law)
  7. Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Roo, Lumpy, Rabbit, and Eeyore (brothers-in-law)
  8. Belle (mother)
  9. Prince Adam (father; after the death of Dimitri)

The Taylor Family

  1. Fievel Mousekewitz (husband)
  2. Olivia Flaversham (wife)
  3. Matthew, Benjamin, and Kyle (sons)
  4. Sylvia, Edith, and Isabelle (daughters)
  5. Bambi (brother)
  6. Thumper (brother)
  7. Gadget Hackwrench (sister-in-law)
  8. Jim Crow, Fat Crow, Preacher Crow, Straw Hat Crow, Timothy Q. Mouse, and Glasses Crow (brothers-in-law)
  9. Ariel (mother)
  10. Eric (father; after the death of Naveen)

The Smith Family

  1. Stitch (husband)
  2. Lilo Pelekai (wife)
  3. Lani (daughter)
  4. Chip (twin brother)
  5. Dale (twin brother)
  6. Miss Bianca, Babs Seed, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon (sisters-in-law)
  7. Skippy, Young Kovu, and Baby Tweety (brothers-in-law)
  8. Pocahontas (stepmother)
  9. John Rolfe (stepfather; after the death of John Smith)

The Sanchez Family

  1. Ventus (husband)
  2. Kairi (wife)
  3. Owen (son)
  4. Young Kaa (brother)
  5. Baba Looey (brother)
  6. Vixey (sister-in-law)
  7. Smart Guy, Stupid, Greasy, Wheezy, Simon Seville, and Psycho (brothers-in-law)
  8. Jasmine (mother)
  9. Aladdin (father; after the death of Miguel)

The Hodnick Family

  1. Knuckles (husband)
  2. Amy Rose (wife)
  3. Anna (daughter)
  4. Stanley and Morgan (sons)
  5. Miles "Tails" Prower (brother)
  6. Charmy Bee (brother)
  7. Angel (sister-in-law)
  8. Young Simba, Flounder, Chip, Dale, Thumper, and Flower (brothers-in-law)
  9. Giselle (mother)
  10. Prince Edward (father; after the death of Proteus)

The Steilen Family

  1. Rei (husband)
  2. Kilala Reno (wife)
  3. Chloe (daughter)
  4. Young Simba (brother)
  5. Flower (brother)
  6. Jeanette Miller, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo (sisters-in-law)
  7. Mungo the Mongoose, Lumpy, Young Kaa, and Roo (brothers-in-law)
  8. Snow White (mother)
  9. Prince Florian (father; after the death of Tulio)

The Test Family

  1. Gil Nexdor (husband)
  2. Susan Test (wife)
  3. Nicholas (son)
  4. Lumpy (brother)
  5. Roo (brother)
  6. Young Kiara (sister-in-law)
  7. Augie Doggie, Boo Boo Bear, Pixie, Dixie, Baba Looey, and Ding-a-Ling Wolf (brothers-in-law)
  8. Lila Test (mother)
  9. Hugh Test (father; deceased)

The Riverton Family

  1. Sora (husband)
  2. Namine (wife)
  3. Micah (son)
  4. Simon Seville (brother)
  5. Fievel Mousekewitz (brother)
  6. Faline (sister-in-law)
  7. Top Cat, Brain, Spook, Fancy-Fancy, Choo-Choo, and Benny the Ball (brothers-in-law)
  8. Aurora (mother)
  9. Prince Phillip (father; after the death of Eric)

The Fa Family

  1. Crane (husband)
  2. Viper (wife)
  3. Sarah (daughter)
  4. Pixie (twin brother)
  5. Dixie (twin brother)
  6. Bijou Ham-Ham (sister-in-law)
  7. Megavolt, Tank Muddlefoot, Bushroot, Quackerjack, Liquidator, and Honker Muddlefoot (brothers-in-law)
  8. Mulan (mother)
  9. Li Shang (father; after the death of Prince Adam)

The Comeau Family

  1. Flynn Rider (husband)
  2. Rapunzel (wife)
  3. Franny (daughter)
  4. Roddy and Andrew (sons)
  5. Tod (brother)
  6. Copper (brother)
  7. Frog Tiana and Webby Vanderquack (sisters-in-law)
  8. Eddy, Ed, Edd/Double D, Huey, Dewey, and Louie (brothers-in-law)
  9. Queen Aurelia (mother)
  10. King Malcolm (father; deceased)
  11. Hokey Wolf (uncle)

The Straud Family

  1. Kristoff (husband)
  2. Anna (wife)
  3. Fern (daughter)
  4. Hans (brother)
  5. Hiro Hamada (brother)
  6. Tommy Pickles (brother)
  7. Apple Bloom (sister-in-law)
  8. Dash Parr, Chowder, Bambi, Thumper, Flower, Tony Toponi, and Fievel Mousekewitz (brothers-in-law)
  9. Widow Tweed (grandmother)
  10. Gepetto (grandfather; after the death of Amos Slade)

The Connelly Family

  1. Wreck-It-Ralph (husband)
  2. Merida (wife)
  3. Emily and Jean (daughters)
  4. Taran (brother)
  5. Chuckie Finster (brother)
  6. Blossom (sister-in-law)
  7. Bill the Lizard, John Robertson, Max Henshaw, Old Blind Joe McDowell, Fidget the Bat, and Peewee Pete Colemouse (brothers-in-law)
  8. Queen Elinor (mother)
  9. King Fergus (father; after the death of King Candy)

The Dragon Family

  1. Gumball Watterson (husband)
  2. Madison Waltson (wife)
  3. Chowder (adopted son)
  4. Spyro (adopted father)
  5. Cynder (adopted mother)
  6. Deraius, Koalle, Komette, Sparzei, Fylisha (adopted brothers and sister)
  7. Philip Waltson (father-in-law)
  8. Sandy Waltson (mother-in-law)
  9. Draco & Ignitus (adopted grandfathers)
  10. Dortha & Saphra (adopted grandmothers)
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