More episodes of the new story arc.

Series 4 Edit

A new story

After Alan joins the family, he soon find it hard to settle down so He goes out to find some old friends...

When Bently recognises Alan and settles a few home truths Peter and Judy have some explaining to do...

The next morning it's time to get rid of Jumanji but Jumanji's not finished with the shepherds, oh no... It has one last game to play with them and makes them an offer they can't refuse...

Judgement day

Continuing on from the events of the last episode, Aunt Nora is still reeling from the idea her nephew and niece have found a boardgame with vast supernatural powers in the attic and that the seemingly murdered Alan Parish is alive and well and has been looking after her adopted niece and nephew without her knowledge. Meanwhile Brantford is torn apart by carnage unleashed by Jumanji everytime Peter and Judy roll the dice in an attempt to end this nightmare once and for all.

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