Johnny Test and his friends have their swimwear. And they would wear them when they go swimming.

  • Johnny Test - Orange swimming trunks with yellow hip sides and dark pink lining/orange bandeau top and matching panties.
  • Bambi - Bright red swimming trunks.
  • Pinocchio - Bright pink swimming trunks and a yellow t shirt.
  • Christopher Robin - Bright blue swimming trunks with bright pink lining.
  • Cody - Bright red lioncloth.
  • Mowgli - Bright blue lioncloth.
  • Young Bagheera - Bright orange lioncloth.
  • Young Baloo - Bright yellow lioncloth.
  • Simba - Light blue swimming trunks.
  • Young Kavu - Bright yellow swimming trunks.
  • Mickey Mouse - Dark red swimming trunks with jade green lining.
  • Boo Boo Bear - Bright fuchsia swimming trunks.
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