Jenny Foxworth told Michael Binks that she loved him. Michael Binks told Jenny that he loved her too and they kissed.Michael Binks then got on one knee and held out an engagement ring and said "Jenny, would you marry me?"

Jenny said "Yes!" Michael Binks put the ring on Jenny's finger. Jenny and Christopher Robin kissed.

Jenny and Michael Binks planned a wedding on the best night. A time of giving. All of her friends attended. Ventus was Michael's best man and Kairi was Jenny's maid of honor. Tigger planned the wedding march and Owl performed the ceremony, assisted by altar boys Piglet, Rabbit, Roo, and Skippy Rabbit while Gopher was dressed as a ring bearer. And then they had their wedding reception at Jenny's home. There was dancing, eating, and drinking. Everyone had a good time. Jenny and Michael Minks were very happy.

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