In the living room, Hugh Test glared at his daughter, Mary Test. He was very angry at her because she beat up Wendy Darling and her brothers, Skippy Rabbit and Piglet. "Why did you beat up Wendy, Skippy, and Piglet?" Hugh asked.

"Daddy, i hated Wendy, Skippy, and Piglet so much that i wanna beat them up." Mary said.

"You are not supposed to do that, Mary!" Hugh said. "And because of it, Wendy, Skippy, and Piglet had to get resurrected back to life by your friends because of you."

Mary was very upset. "I am in trouble, Daddy! Am i?" She asked.

"Yes you are." Hugh said. "You heard me! You are not supposed to beat up Wendy, Skippy, and Piglet. And because of it, you are gonna get punished. Go to bed right now."

Mary got very angry. She glared angrily at Hugh and yelled "You are as evil as Verminous Snaptrap!!" She then went upstairs to her room crying and sobbing.

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