The Klingons attacked a Federation outpost in the Omega star system. Good Vader had enough of the evil Emperor Bad Vader and the Klingons. He called the Federation President and organized a task force to hunt down Bad Vader and the Klingons. Captain James T. Kirk transported Good Vader up to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and warped to Sherman's Planet. There Kirk beamed down with Good Vader and tried to make Kral talk. Kral would not talk, so Good Vader used the Force and killed him. When word of Kral's death reached the Klingon High Council, they called Bad Vader, who promised the Klingons that he would destroy the Enterprise for them. Bad Vader set a trap and when Kirk arrived, Bad Vader was waiting for him. Bad Vader used blue Force lightning on Kirk and was just about to finish Kirk off when, all of a sudden, Good Vader appeared. He drew his lightsaber and swung it at Bad Vader. Bad Vader drew his lightsaber and blocked Good Vader's blow. The two had an apocalyptic lightsaber battle which lasted for 30 minutes. Finally, Good Vader lopped off Bad Vader's head and he was DEAD! The Klingons retreated to Qo'noS.  

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