Pinocchio ran away from Dijon's home. When he got back to his home, he told his aunts, Gadget Hackwrench, Tammy, and Foxglove about what happened.

"You seem to be so upset, Pinocchio." Gadget said.

"Tell us what was the matter." Tammy said.

"And why are so upset?" Foxglove asked. 

"Oh, Aunt Gadget, Aunt Tammy, and Aunt Foxglove! Dijon was so mean! He was worse than Stromboli! He destroyed the statue of Darby, and he yelled at me and he made me cry! So i had to run away from his home, and now, i could not go back to Alpine, ever!!" Pinocchio yelled, crying. He cried on Gadget's chest.

"Do not cry, Pinocchio." Gadget said. "I know how you feel." And with that,Gadget began to sing Pinocchio a song.

Gadget: No more fears,

please don't cry,

We'll be there to calm you down.

When you're glad,

it's okay,

Please don't be sad.

Pinocchio cried so hard and Tammy took her turn to sing.

Tammy: Don't be sad,

little kid,

if you feel good,

then your parents will be good."

Foxglove then took her turn to sing.

Foxglove: No more fears,

little kid.

Please don't be sad.

It's okay,

don't you cry.

We'll make you feel better."

After Gadget, Tammy, Foxglove finished singing, Pinocchio sobbed in the pillow. "It's okay, Pinocchio." Gadget said.

"Things will look better soon." Tammy said.

Gadget, Tammy, and Foxglove took Pinocchio home and took him to his room and Pinocchio got changed into his bright blue pajamas with bright pink polka dots. Gadget, Tammy, and Foxglove then placed Pinocchio in the bed and tucked him in.

"Goodnight Pinocchio." Gadget said. Gadget, Tammy, and Foxglove then went downstairs, and Pinocchio cried himself to sleep.

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