Ding A Ling Wolf did not want to do the Holiday Show. He was afraid that it might turn into a big Broadway production. Ding A Ling said "I do not want to do the Holiday Show." Cody said to him. "You have to do it, Ding A Ling. You signed up for it. There was no backing out of it." Ding A Ling became very angry and started a fight in the lunch room. During the fight, Ding A Ling picked up his bowl of steak and and he splashed it all over one of the teacher assistants! The teacher assistant was very angry! She took Ding A Ling to the principal's office! The principal had to suspend Ding A Ling from school for six months and he had his father, Proteus, to come and pick him up. After Proteus came, picked up Ding A Ling, and took him home, he was very angry with him. Ding A Ling got in trouble. And as for his punishment, he was not allowed to go to the museum. Ding A Ling got very angry. He glared at Proteus and told him "You are as evil as Queen Grimhilde!!" Ding A Ling then went upstairs to his bedroom crying and sobbing, where his siblings, Amy, Pajama Sam, Anne Marie, and Boo Boo Bear, are waiting for him.

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