Mary Test and her friends have their sleepwear. And they would wear it at bedtime.

  • Daisy Duck - Purple nightshirt and matching skirt.
  • Shanti - White undershirt and short yellow skirt.
  • Jenny Foxworth - Pink pajamas with rose ruffles and burgundy slippers.
  • Melody - Teal nightgown, white pantalettes, and matching camisole.
  • Penny - Yellow nightgown.
  • Babs Bunny - Teal nightgown with white frills on the collar and wrists, pink curlers, and aqua pantalettes with white frills on the ankles.
  • Anne Marie - Yellow nightgown with short, puffy sleeves, white pants with puffy legs and matching frills on the ankles, and blue slippers.
  • Isabella Garcia Shapiro - Bright purple pajamas, dark purple slippers, and a bright purple bow.
  • Mary Test - Gray undershirt with a bright yellow moon in it and teal blue shorts.
  • Gosalyn - Lavender pajamas with pink polka dots and white and pink socks.
  • Robyn Starling - Light blue nightshirt with a white stripe on the sleeves.
  • Dot Warner - Baby pink nightgown, matching pantalettes, burgundy curlers, and baby pink slippers.
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