Late in the evening, Gumball Punches Terrence Foster in the Face for controlling other cats, Gumball Watterson yelled angrily in the park and cried alone on the bench. As his adoptive Mother Cynder saw him, she knew Gumball was upset. She went up to Gumball and said, "Gumball, you look upset. What's the matter? Why are you crying?"

Gumball looked at her with angry tears in his eyes and said, "Mom, Everybody Hates in Elmore all Because of Terrence Foster. I Punch him a thousand times and Called him a Beast as Sharptooth! Terrence Destory my old life he even controlled all other cats to be his minions! He was a Jerk to Destroy my Old Life! I'd rather have him in Prison!" Gumball yelled. He buried his head in his hands in anger. As for his adoptive sister Princess Ember, she also knew that Gumball was upset.

She hugged Gumball and told him, "There, there, Gumball. It's not your fault." "It's not?" He asked sobbingly. "No, of course not. It was Terrence. He planned you as an orphan." Princess Ember said as she consoled him tenderly. "Ember, If you and Mom were both here for me and to protect me from Bullies, you would confront Mac Foster in a serious way. I would've had one other to defend me from him, but I did it Terrence got Crushed by and Avalanche!" Gumball sobbed and started to cry loudly. Cynder and Princess Ember hugged Gumball lovingly.

However,Princess Ember wiped Gumball's Tears out. "Gumball, we're going home." Cynder helped Gumball up and took him home with them. When there home Cynder sang a Dragon Lullaby Gumball's Sadness turned into his Happiness, She tucked her adopted son and kiss him good night.

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