Cochrane-A has a Mother and Daughter Relationship. It has one mother/grandmother and two daughters/granddaughters.

  • Lila Test, Susan Test, and Mary Test.
  • Snow White, Kilala Reno, and Isabella Garcia Shapiro.
  • Giselle, Amy, and Anne Marie.
  • Mulan, Viper, and Robyn Starling.
  • Ariel, Olivia Flaversham, and Melody.
  • Queen Aurelia, Rapunzel, and Dot Warner.
  • Belle, Wendy Darling, and Jenny Foxworth.
  • Cinderella, Alice, and Shanti.
  • Jasmine, Kairi, and Babs Bunny.
  • Aurora, Namine, and Gosalyn.
  • Pocahontas, Lilo, and Penny.
  • Tiana, Minnie Mouse, and Daisy Duck.
  • Widow Slade, Anna, and Elmyra Duff.
  • Queen Elinor, Merida, and Young Amy.
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