Christopher Robin went to Skunk's home and there, Skunk was there to meet him. But Christopher Robin got very angry at Skunk. So he threw a crab at Skunk's arm. Skunk was upset that he had a broken arm. He yelled for his parents, Samantha and Darrin, and they saw what was going on with him. Samantha and Darrin took Skunk to hospital and Skunk had his arm fixed. Darrin got very angry at Christopher Robin and he had his father, Dimitri, to come and pick him up. Dimitri came, picked up Christopher Robin, and took him home. Christopher Robin got in trouble by his father. Christopher Robin got punished. He wasn't allowed to go to the movies with his girlfriend, Jane Banks. Christopher Robin got very angry. He glared angrily at Dimitri and told him "You're as evil as Mr Spacely!" He then went to his room in tears, where his sister, Jenny Foxworth, was waiting for him.

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