Boo Boo Bear was excited to put on a concert for everyone with his friends Mowgli, Pinocchio, Christopher Robin, Cody, Young Kavu, Young Bagheera, Mickey Mouse, Bambi, Young Baloo, Simba, and Johnny Test.

Boo Boo played the electric guitar, Mowgli played the accordian, Pinocchio played the violin, Christopher Robin played the tuba, Cody played the trumpet, Young Kavu played the saxophone, Young Bagheera played the piano, Mickey played the cello, Bambi played the harmonica, Young Baloo played the flute, Simba played the bass guitar, and Johnny played the drums.

Boo Boo and his friends started to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb". They played really good. The crowd clapped and cheered.

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