Batman said “If Spock died in childhood (as was the case in the popular “Yesteryear” timeline in an episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series), the 23rd century becomes a Crapsack World. As revealed in The Chimes at Midnight, Earth is devastated by the Whalesong Probe from The Voyage Home, and the Alpha and Beta quadrants are caught in an escalating arms race due to use of the genesis device. Also, if the Cardassians don’t withdraw from Bajor in 2369, the 24th century ends up in Crapsack World territory. A Gutted World presents the Dominion manipulating the Alpha and Beta quadrants into weakening themselves so significantly it looks as if Dominion takeover is inevitable. And all the main characters - DS9, Next Gen and Voyager - die. In The Tears of Eridanus, Vulcan is a Crapsack World, due to literally thousands of years of constant warfare. In this universe, Surak never arose and turned his people to peace and logic; as a result, Vulcan is a primitive hell-hole.”

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