On the anniversary of his parent's death, Batman feels that his spirit is weary and that his actions are futile. However, he decides to pay his respects as he always does, in Crime Alley.

Batman meets with Leslie Thompkins and tells her about his feelings. Suddenly, they hear some noises nearby and Batman stopped a couple of thugs from beating a young man. The young fellow was a minor criminal and Batman decided to spare him by giving him to Leslie for she to take care of him in her Care Center. Meanwhile, Batman left Crime Alley to meet Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department at the Jazzman's hideout, where they were preparing a raid. Unfortunately, Jazzman was ready to attack and a battle between Jazzman's people and the GCPD starts. Batman arrives just in time to stop the battle and prevent Jazzman from escaping. However, as a result of the battle, Commissioner Gordon was injured by one of Jazzman's bullets.

Gordon is taken to the Hospital to be treated. Batman goes to see Gordon and Bullock holds him responsible for the outcome. Barbara Gordon talks to them but Batman leaves the place in shame.

Batman arrives at the Batcave and can't contain his feelings anymore as he starts to destroy some of his equipment and screams in rage.

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