Bambi and his friends have their sleepwear. And they would wear it at bedtime.

  • Bambi - Light blue/white striped pajama jacket, matching pants, socks, and slippers.
  • Pinocchio - Bright blue pajamas with bright pink polka dots.
  • Christopher Robin - Light blue pajamas and bright yellow slippers.
  • Mickey Mouse - Red pajama jacket, matching pants, and slippers.
  • Young Simba - White night shirt and burgundy slippers.
  • Young Kovu - Green pajamas.
  • Boo Boo Bear - Bright yellow footy pajamas.
  • Mowgli - Red nightshirt.
  • Johnny Test - Blue pajamas.
  • Cody - Red footy pajamas with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy snowmen and matching boots.
  • Young Bagheera - Orange footy pajamas.
  • Young Baloo - Purple pajamas.
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