Max woke up in a blue nursery. He scratched his messy blond hair wondering how he got there. As he sat up he heard a crinkle. He grimaced as he was wearing a diaper and was obviously in the body of a baby. The diaper was slightly wet at the front.

Then a cartoon teddy bear creature with orange and yellow fur and a big wet shiny black nose was sniffing the carpet. He saw Max and started sniffing him. Especially his diaper. Max felt uncomfortable with him sniffing his diaper. However the teddy bear creature kept sniffing him.

Max squeezed the teddy bear's nose. It squeaked like a toy. He giggled and squeezed his nose again. The teddy rubbed his nose. Then he smirked and sniffed Max's diaper again. Max squeezed his nose again.

The teddy bear then pinned Max to the floor and sniffed him before smooshing his wet slimy nose into his face. Their noses pressed against each other, Max grimaced because the teddy's nose felt slimy. The teddy bear then climbed off of him and sniffed his diaper again.

Teddy grew into a full sized bear and picked up Max who wriggled about. He sniffed his diaper and smooshed his big wet shiny black nose into his face again nuzzling him and spreading slimy nose moisture across his face before sniffing him again.

Max's stomach gurgled and he messed his diaper with a wet fart and a splat as it filled with mess.

Teddy sniffed him and retched. Max giggled.

The teddy bear laid Max down on a changing mat and began changing his diaper but he kept wriggling. Once Teddy took off his diaper Max made a break for it but was caught by D'vorah. She laid him down on the mat and used some bug legs that grew out of her to squirt gooey gunk that stuck his hands and feet down. He was glued by his hands and feet with the slimy goo.

Max grunted as he struggled but the glue like goo just stretched as he moved. It was very strong glue if that's what it was.

Teddy thanked D'vorah for showing restraint and finished cleaning Max up and putting a clean diaper on him.

Teddy then started sniffing Max's diaper. He squirmed but was still stuck to the mat by the goo so he just struggled trying to get free. The teddy bear continued sniffing him.

Max grimaced as he wet his diaper. Beads of sweat dripped from his head. He struggled and squirmed frantically until he tore free of the gluey bug goo D'vorah glued him to the changing mat with.

He then squeezed Teddy's shiny nose. It squeaked like a toy. He giggled and squeezed it again.

Teddy rubbed his nose. Then he smirked and sniffed Max again. Then he sat on Max and smooshed his wet slimy nose into his face, then sniffed his hair before releasing him.

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