A blond haired baby boy woke up in a blue nursery. The little blond boy looked around with cute blue eyes. He was wearing nothing but a white diaper with yellow tabs. In his mouth he sported a shiny blue plastic pacifier. He sucked the pacifier.

He was suddenly tackled to the floor by a small orange and yellow teddy bear with a big wet shiny black nose. The teddy bear grinned and smooshed his big wet shiny black nose into Max’s face. Max grimaced as it felt slimy. The teddy bear then released him and began sniffing his diaper. Max blushed. He did not like that. But the teddy bear kept sniffing his diaper with his big wet shiny black nose.

Max squeezed the teddy’s nose. It squeaked like a toy. Max giggled and squeezed it again.

Teddy rubbed his sore nose. He grinned and sniffed Max’s diaper again.

Max squeezed his nose again and scooched away but the teddy grinned and pulled him back towards himself and pinned Max down. He sniffed him then smooshed his slimy nose into his face. Max grimaced because the wet shiny nose was slimy. Teddy rubbed their noses together before releasing Max and sniffing his diaper again.

Then he shrunk Max with magic. Max was grabbed by the giant teddy bear who sniffed him while dangling him by his diaper.

Max gurgled and stuffed his hands up Teddy’s big shiny black nose. Splat! They sunk into something slimy... boogers!

Max gurgled in disgust and tugged at the goo struggling and squirming as it was a very strong goo.

Teddy groaned in disgust and pulled Max free of the snot. He frowned at Max who dangled gurgling as slime dripped from his hands.

Max saw that his hands were in oozing green globs of dripping slime. He gurgled in disgust and clapped his hands together. With a spat they stuck blinded by the stretchy goo. He tugged at it giggling until he tore free of it.

Teddy frowned and returned him to normal size. Max stood there as Teddy sniffed his diaper. He blushed and backed away, but Teddy kept sniffing him.

Then Teddy jumped on him and smooshed his big wet shiny black nose into his face as he staggered about.

Then Teddy grew into a big fully grown bear and picked Max up in his paws. The bear sniffed the tiny boy’s diaper causing him to blush and wet himself. Then he smooshed his wet nose into Max’s face rubbing their noses together before hugging Max.

Max wriggled so Teddy held him aloft and sniffed his diaper again before smooshing his wet shiny nose into his face and then sniffing him again. Then he hugged Max.

Teddy then held Max aloft and sniffed his diaper again. Max’s stomach gurgled and he grimaced as messed his diaper with a slimy mess.

“Eeeugh!” Teddy groaned. He laid Max down to change his diaper. However he decided to sniff him first. Max blushed and honked Teddy’s nose.

After Teddy changed Max’s diaper he sniffed his diaper again until he squeezed his nose. Teddy winced and rubbed his sore nose. Max giggled.

Teddy grinned and sniffed him again so Max stuffed his hands up his nose and pulled his boogers. Max gurgled as he was stuck in the gooey slime. It stretched as he tugged at it.

“Eeeew! Yeeeuck! Let go!” Teddy cried. Max pulled with all his might and tore free of the goo.

Teddy frowned. Max gurgled and splattered his hands together and pulled at the goo again.

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