A small yellow spiky haired boy woke up in an orange crib. He was wearing a white diaper with blue sticky tabs and a blue trim around his waist. Bart sucked his blue pacifier.

Suddenly his mom Marge came in and doted on him, cooing and checking his diaper, he was slightly damp but not uncomfortable. However his stomach gurgled. "Oh bummer!" He grimaced as he pushed out a slimy mess into his diaper with a splat.

Marge sighed and took him to the changing table to change his diaper.

Bart was then put in front of the TV to watch Happy Little Elves. Which he hated, but he was transfixed by the curious bear cub and his big green shiny nose.

Bart wet his diaper as he watched the cartoon. Then he had an idea. Using the radioactive super remote from Treehouse of Horror IX he zapped himself in the cartoon.


Bart found himself in the Happy Little Elves village just as they released the giant bear cub from his chest.

The bear cub saw baby Bart and sniffed him. Bart grimaced at the stinky breath messing up his hair.

The bear cub shrunk himself down to the size of a teddy bear to Bart's size, and sniffed his diaper. Bart didn't like this as his wet slimy nose tickled him.

Bart backed away but the elves restrained him to let the green bear cub sniff him with his big green shiny nose.

Bart got free and squeezed the bear cub's nose. It squeaked like a toy. He giggled and squeezed his nose again.

The bear cub rubbed his sore nose and frowned at Bart. Then he sniffed him again. Bart squeezed his nose.

The bear cub tackled him to the ground and sniffed him a lot. Then he smooshed his wet nose into his face. Bart grimaced as his nose smooshed against the bear's big slimy wet nose. The bear rubbed their noses together before releasing Bart and sniffing his diaper aggressively.

Then he shrunk Bart and picked him up. Bart gulped as the bear cub stared at him. Then the cartoon bear cub sniffed him blasting him with stale breath.

The cub then dangled Bart by his diaper and sniffed him.

Bart then shoved his hands up the bear cub's nose. Splat! They sunk into something slimy. Boogers!

Bart groaned in disgust and tugged frantically at the gooey boogers. "Eeeeugh! Gooey!" Bart gurgled in gibberish as he struggled with the slimy goo he was stuck in.

The bear cub groaned in disgust as he watched Bart tug at his boogers until he tore from them.

Bart had slime heavily covering his hands. It slowly dribbled everywhere. Bart groaned in disgust and splattered his hands together. They got stuck so he tugged at the goo until he tore free of it.

The bear cub decided to take Bart with him into the forest. He had a spot that was presumably his nest and settled there.

The bear cub restored Bart to his normal size and sniffed his diaper. Bart backed away. Vines sprouted from the ground and coiled around his short legs. Bart grunted and wriggled but couldn't move.

The bear cub sniffed Bart's diaper until he squeezed the cub's nose. The bear cub rubbed his sore nose as Bart giggled. The bear cub sniffed his diaper again and Bart squeezed his nose in response.

The vines released Bart and he was tackled to the floor by the bear cub who smooshed his nose into Bart's. Bart grimaced as the cub's nose felt wet and slimy.

The bear cub sniffed him some more. Bart wet himself from being sniffed.

The bear cub then shrunk him and sniffed him. Bart stuffed his hands up the bear cub's nose, splat! He got stuck in his boogers again!

Bart tugged frantically at the gooey boogers until he tore free of them and the snapped like elastic bands.

The bear cub sneezed on him gluing him to the ground with a stream of snot. Bart gurgled as he struggled and squirmed. He was stuck to the ground by the green goo.

The bear cub groaned and cut him free from the goo.

The bear cub then turned into a small green teddy bear with a big shiny green nose and hugged Bart. However Bart squirmed about. The green teddy bear sniffed his diaper then smooshed his wet slimy nose into his face.

Bart grimaced.

The green teddy bear then hugged him again. Bart kept wriggling so he sniffed Bart's diaper but Bart's stomach gurgled and he messed his diaper with a wet splat. The teddy bear gagged.

The teddy bear laid Bart down and began changing his diaper. As soon as he opened Bart's diaper it stank from the slimy mess inside. The teddy bear retched and threw the diaper away.

Bart wriggled about as he was being wiped and diapered.

Suddenly slimy oozing hands of slime monsters grabbed Bart's wrists and ankles and glued his hands and feet restraining him.

Barrt wriggled until slimy tendrils slimed across his belly gluing his middle down too. He pouted as the teddy bear taped up his diaper.

The teddy bear then shrank him and grabbed him by s diaper when he tried to run away.

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