A yellow boy woke up in a crib. He crinkled as he sat up wearing a white diaper. Baby Bart was sucking a blue shiny pacifier and cuddling his teddy bear. Suddenly his living teddy bear sniffed with his big wet shiny black nose and grew bigger and bigger and scooped up baby Bart in his paws. Eventually the cot broke into pieces from him bursting out of it.

“Oops.” said Teddy the teddy bear. “I’ll fix that later.

Bart gurgled and wriggled. Teddy grinned and sniffed his diaper. Bart blushed as the teddy bear’s wet slimy nose pressed against his diaper and twitched. Bart grimaced as the orange and yellow teddy bear continued sniffing his diaper.

The teddy then smooshed his big wet shiny black nose into Bart’s face. Bart grimaced as it felt slimy. Then teddy sniffed his diaper a while before smooshing his wet shiny nose into Bart’s face again. Rubbing their noses together.

Teddy then released Bart who waited to see what the weird teddy bear would do next. Teddy shrunk down to his usual size and sniffed Bart’s diaper with his big wet shiny black nose. Bart blushed and backed away. But Teddy kept sniffing him.

Bart blushed as the Teddy bear’s big wet shiny black nose pressed against his diaper. It felt cold and slimy but the bear’s breathing was very warm.

The teddy bear was still sniffing him so he squeezed his nose. It squeaks like a toy. Bart giggled and squeezed his nose again.

Teddy grinned and sniffed his diaper again. Bart squeezed his nose again.

Teddy pounced on Bart pinning him to the floor. He sniffed him before smooshing his big shiny nose into his face. Bart grimaced because it felt slimy pressed up against his nose.

Teddy rubbed their noses together before sniffing Bart again.

Teddy then shrunk Bart and grabbed the tiny boy. He sniffed him. Teddy’s breath was like a hurricane.

Bart then stuffed his hands up Teddy’s nose. Splat! They sunk into something slimy... boogers!

Bart groaned in disgust and tugged frantically at the goo. He was stuck in gooey green gunk.

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