Baba Looey was on stage one day with Ding A Ling Wolf, Augie Doggie, Boo Boo Bear, Skunk, and Skippy Rabbit. He had something to tell the crowd. He said "Okay guys. Listen up. I wanna know about Wendy. She got married with Peter." He then said "Do you agree with me?" The crowd said "Yeah!" Baba Looey said "I am a rock star." He then started playing his bright blue electric guitar. Ding A Ling played his greenish blue bass guitar, Augie played his navy blue rhythm guitar, Skunk played his jade green electric guitar, Skippy played his grayish blue piano, and Boo Boo played his jade blue drum set. The band played some rock and roll! The punks were disgusted. Baba Looey played his bright blue electric guitar and sang. The band sounded awesome. They played really good. They rocked. The punks got a bad case of the poo poos. The crowd clapped and cheered.

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