Lewis Robinson: I'm Never going to Invent Helping, I'm Going to Invent Helping Dragons.

Toothless: (lands in the Valley)

Lewis Robinson: Toothless Why are We Stopping?

Toothless: (We gonna sleep in the Valley for the Night)

Lewis Robinson: Really Toothless?

(Toothless Noods)

(1 day later)

Lewis Robinson: I'm So Mad About my Mom Giving Me Up (throws Dynomite at Dragon's Mountain)

(Dragon (Skunk Fu!))'s Mountain Explodes)

Lewis Robinson: Now That's a Big Boom!

(Dragon Emerges)

Lewis Robinson: (Screams) I Didn't know that was his Mountain!

(Dragon (Skunk Fu!)) Attacks Lewis Robinson)

Lewis Robinson: Help!

(Toothless Fights Dragon (Skunk Fu!))

Lewis Robinson: (Climbs up on Panda's Hill) I Should be Safe Up Here!

Dragon: (Roaring)

Lewis Robinson: Someone Save Me!

(Aqua Throws a Keyblade at Dragon's Heart)

Lewis Robinson: Huh? (Watches Dragon Falling to his Death) Whoa! Who Saved Me?

Aqua: That Would be me.

Lewis Robinson: Who Are You?

Aqua: My Name is Aqua and you Must be Lewis Robinson are you Okay?

Lewis Robinson: I Don't Think So.

Aqua: What Happen?

Lewis Robinson: My Mom gave me up and Wilbur lied to me.

Aqua: (Hugs Lewis Robinson) It's Alright I Save you kid.

Lewis Robinson: I'm Happy you Save me but i wish i was adopted.

Aqua: Lewis, I'll Be Happy to Adopt You.

Lewis Robinson: You Will.

Aqua: Yes, Terra and I Haven't have Kids in a Long time.

Lewis Robinson: Thanks By the Way Toothless was looking after me.

Hiccup: Toothless! There you are you had me worried and who is this?

Lewis Robinson: I'm Lewis Your Dragon Saved me from getting into fight with a Dangerous Chinese Dragon.

Aqua: I'm his Adopted mother, your dragon was defending him.

Hiccup: He Was, Toothless I'm So Proud of you to Keep Lewis Safe now let's head be Berk.

Aqua: Come On Lewis We're Going to Destiny Island as you're new Home.

Lewis Robinson: Alright.

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